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Organizational Alignment . Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A lack of strategic focus or clarity of an organization’s desired state can spell disaster. Every organization needs a clear understanding of its longer-term destination and the space it wants to occupy in the competitive business landscape. 

Strategic planning is the process of envisioning a desired future and developing a strategy for bringing the organization from its current to desired state. This involves defining the vision, mission and values, identifying the strategic thrusts and goals as well as appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the intended outcomes.   

We facilitate the strategic planning process for organizations who want to define their vision, mission and values and/or develop their strategic thrusts, goals and actions.  We also assist in translating the corporate values into observable behaviors as well as operationalizing the strategic goals and actions into work plans. 


Our Value Proposition

  • Structured framework for defining vision, mission and values as well as strategic thrusts and goals.
  • Consultants with extensive corporate and Organization Development (OD) experience and who have developed and implemented strategic plans in organizations with successful results.



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