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Organizational Alignment . Culture Building & Values Cascade

Culture Building & Values Cascade

Organizational alignment requires compatibility between the strategic implementation and the culture of an organization. Culture is a shared set of values, beliefs, attitudes, and practices that characterizes an organization or group and can help or hinder an organization in achieving its goals. Edgar Schein identified 3 levels in organizational culture, viz. artifacts or visible elements (e.g. dress code, office layout and furniture), espoused values and basic underlying assumptions that are taken for granted.

In Capelle, we believe that values need to be aligned among the leaders and staff. Hence, attracting and retaining the right staff forms an important foundation to values alignment. We also recognize that organizations seek to achieve value clarity. A clearly defined set of values and actions that lived up to the culture helps to build a competitive advantage that is not easily copied in today’s society. Capelle assists by conducting a series of diagnostic efforts and translating those insights into culture building interventions. We also assist leaders to translate the values into actionable behaviors that form the guiding principle for all staff in the day to day operations.


 Our Value Proposition

  • We apply our OD expertise and take a holistic approach to culture building to ensure that the change is sustainable.   
  • We develop culture change programs, facilitate values cascade, coach leaders on desired leadership styles and practices and incorporate the values into recruitment, recognition and promotion criteria.
  • We have a team of consultants with extensive experience in engaging with various levels of an organization and facilitating lively, experiential activities to build mindset and enhance skills.


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