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Organizational Audits

For an organization to build its desired state, it requires more than a strategy.  The execution of that strategy necessitates the alignment of employee mindset, competence and conditions in the organization. 

Capelle has the diagnostic tools Organizational Capability Survey (OCS) to assess organizational capability. 



Organizational Capability Survey (OCS)

The OCS is a survey which measures organizational capability along the dimensions of Shared Destiny, Leadership, Competencies, People Management, Processes and Interfaces as well as Employee Satisfaction.   

 It is administered to everyone in the organization and used to determine how well an organization aligns its people to the strategy and engages their hearts and minds. Key findings and recommendations to close the gaps will be provided. 



Our Value Proposition

  • We provide detailed analysis and recommend specific interventions to build on strengths and close gaps, focusing on both immediate and longer term follow-up actions.  
  • We deploy consulting resources with extensive corporate experience as well as deep organizational development expertise.



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