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Service Training Solutions

Capelle offers a systematic and integrated learning solutions that is based on robust and structured framework, delivered by a strong and experienced team of expertise, to be implementable into the daily work to achieve high business performance and goals.


To build up the Service Capability of an organization, based on the diagnosed service needs of the organization, function, team or individuals, Capelle will offer a series of learning interventions, including:




  • Demonstrate the Service Vision
  • Going the Extra Mile for Service
  • Project Positive and Professional Image
  • Respond to Service Challenges / Service Recovery


Leaders and Managers

  • Champion a Service Ethos
  • Lead and Role Model the Service Vision
  • Establish Relationship for Customer Confidence
  • Coach and Manage for Service Team and Performance



Our Value Proposition

  • All programs are designed in-house with IP rights. This provides the expertise and flexibility for customization according to client's needs.
  • All programs are guided by frameworks for ease of application.
  • All programs consist both concept teaching, as well as role plays, case studies, practices, etc.
  • Programs will be deployed by technical expertise with extensive management or human resource experience.



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