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Competency Profiling

Competency Profiling is a mechanism for identifying the key competencies needed to perform a job optimally so as to achieve the business goals.  


A competency is the required ability to perform a job or task up to an expected standard and there are 2 main categories:  

  • Inter-functional competencies which cut across functions or are common to all jobs.  They are linked to career progression and are developmental in nature.
  • Functional competencies which are specific to the job.  They are shorter term and technical in nature. 


Competencies should be aligned with the organization’s business strategy and corporate values, reflecting the capabilities needed to achieve its desired results and outcomes.   


Applications of Competencies include: 

  • Training & development – determining individual/group competency gaps & identifying & evaluating training programs and learning interventions 
  • Recruitment selection –  formulating structured behavioral interview questions for assessment 
  • Performance management – evaluating job-related behaviors & providing targeted feedback 
  • Promotion and placement – identifying and promoting leaders and determining job fit 
  • Talent management – identifying high potential staff and developing them in a systematic manner



Our Value Proposition

  • Strong alignment with business strategy & goals as well as corporate values. 
  • Clearly defined job profiles with measurable or observable behaviors, which can be progressively updated with new business requirements. 
  • Integration of competencies into training and development, recruitment and selection, performance management, promotion and placement as well as talent management systems.



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